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Pete Townsend Windmill

The other day I was in a music store and they had a video playing with Pete Townsend. He was talking about his stage presents and was giving some details on how he came up with the windmill guitar strum which he is famous for. Apparently he first seen Keith Richards do this move and he thought he would copy it cause it looked cool. For about a year Pete was thinking he was just imitating one of his idols Keith Richards with this move.

Pete met up with Keith and they were talking and Pete told Keith about the cool windmill guitar strum that he was using and was thanking Keith for it. Pete then said that Keith looked at him “like he was a germ” as Pete put it. Basically Keith did not recall ever doing this cool guitar move! So Pete kept it in his bag of tricks and as you probably well know is one of his signature moves on guitar.

Check out the video below to see this cool guitar move.

If you play live do you have any cool things you do on stage? If not, it’s something to think about. Pete has the windmill the old classic metal band Cinderella had the guitar/bass spin (see the video below toward the end). Hendrix played behind his back! Think about what you can do to entertain your audience when you are on stage. These little things make a huge impact and people love them!



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