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Below is a listing of many links related to music. Please contact me if you have a music related web site and would like to swap links! Click Here to contact me.

Musician’s Online Database Exchange (The MODE Pages)
This is an excellent site to post free ads on the web.

Guitar World Online
Great site for guitar players. Includes online lessons!

Radio Stations
Here is an excellent site to find radio stations for your release.

Billboard Online
The electronic version of Billboard magazine.

Musician Home Page
More musician resources here.

United States Copyright Office
Download all the forms you need to file for a copyright.

Texas Music
A Launch Site For Professional Music Resources.

The Expressive Guitarist
Cool site for guitar players.

Performance rights society on line.

ASCAP performance rights society on line.

The Performance Artist Network. Cool online service to help with touring.

The place to get your tapes and CD duplicated.

Mix Magazine
The online version of Mix Magazine.

Music Connection Magazine
One of the best trade magazines of the music industry.

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
Take a look at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio.

Music Festivals
Find out about festivals that your band can perform at.

Carvin guitars and sound systems.

All Access Music Group
Radio promotion for Top 40, CHR and Modern Rock.

Musicians Institute
Check out the Musicians Institute in LA.

Recording Industry Association Of America
Very cool site for anyone involved in the music industry.

The VH1 web site.

House Of Blues
Find information about the House Of Blues Clubs.

Check out the Gibson guitar site.

Pollstar magazine contains touring information for many bands.

Rolling Stone
On line version of Rolling Stone magazine.

Bandit A&R Newsletter
A monthly publication which helps musicians target their demo’s to Music Business companies.

Home Of The Complete Jingle Course
If you have ever wanted to get into the jingle business, this is the place to start!

EMI Music Publishing
Cool publishing site.

Dr Duck’s Deluxe
An online outlet for unsigned bands and artist.

Sun Studios
One of the cornerstones in the development of rock n roll music.

Music Network USA
Music industry resources covering about every aspect of the business.

National Music Publishers Association
Need info on publishing? This is the place to get it.

MIDI sound files, sound samples, and product info.

Musicians WebSearch Classifieds
A great site to place your classified ads.

Gretsch Guitars
Photos and info on their guitars and drums.

Mesa Boogie
Great photos of their product line.

Pearl Drums
Great web site for drummers.

Huge web site with info on all of the many products Peavey makes.

The South By Southwest annual music festival site held in Austin, Texas.

Ensoniq’s web site.

Music Books Plus
Books, videos, CD-ROMs on music, audio, recording, songwriting, and the music business

The web site for all the Yamaha products.

A cool site with an online catalog and lots of info.

Tim Sweeney and Associates
An artist development agency

La Costa Music Business Consultants
A Site Dedicated to the Music Business Entrepreneur

Martin Guitar Company
Everything you wanted to know about their guitars and their company.

Tons of info on Roland products.

Independent Distribution Network
Cool site for indie bands looking for distribution.

Indy Music
Dedicated to supporting music of the independent artist.

National Music Publishers Association
A great site with lots of info on publishing.

Applause Music Careers
Information on how to start a career in the music and entertainment production touring industry.

Check out the Eventide site, famous for their harmonizers.

Ice Magazine
Another cool music magazine.

Music Row
On line version of Music Row magazine.

Performance rights society site.

CD Universe
One of the hottest online music stores on the internet.

New York Rock
A cool zine covering the New York scene.

Midi Net
All sorts of resources for musicians.

Indiana School of Music’s Resources
Many links to music biz resources.

Harmony Central
Lots of good info and links for musicians.

SongLink International
A London-based tipsheet/magazine for music publishers and songwriters.

Westlake Audio
A cool recording site, they also sell pro gear.

Midnight Rain Productions
Specializing in music promotion on the web.

Crown Audio
Complete info on all of the Crown audio products.

Film Music
Everything you wanted to know about music in films.

A huge online music store.

Jazz Online
Many reviews and jazz music related information and artists.

Piano on the Net
Cool piano site with actual online lessons.

Copyright Web Site
All kinds of information about copyrights.

Learn how to protect yourself from hearing loss.

SD Songwriters Guild
An excellent songwriters association located in San Diego California.

Bobby Manriquez and “b-side blues”
Check out this hot blues band.

Studio Finder
Cool online recording studio search engine.
A fantastic resource for the unsigned band with excellent interviews from industry experts and tons of info.

Harry Fox Agency
An information source, clearinghouse and monitoring service for licensing musical copyrights.

Music Yellow Pages
The most comprehensive trade directory for the music industry.

Cool web site for guitar players.
If you are looking for a roadie for your act, this is a good place to start!
Online band contest where the winners are awarded a record deal!

Flanagan Promotions
A radio promo company.

Music Lessons
Natural Ear Music provides the best music lessons to the kids of Austin, Texas.

A&R Online
Resources, marketing and promotion for independent artists.

Pro Tools Certification
An authorized training provider from Digidesign. Prepare for the different pro tools certification exams.

CD Replication, DVD duplication & manufacturing
Specializing in all areas of CD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Duplication and CD/DVD manufacturing services.

Classical Music Online
Listen to Classical Music CDs/compositions online.

CD Replication
DVD and CD replication services, highest quality manufacturing.

DVD Duplication & Replication
Specializing in DVD Replication.
15 Million rare and hard to find CDs and LPs!

Professional presentation of the music artist to the music industry.

CD & DVD Duplicator
Distributor of a complete range of CD & DVD copier, duplicator & printer equipment.

The World’s Leading Independent A&R Company.

Musicians Media
Your one stop shop for Music Loops, Tracks, Custom Music and more, all at an affordable price.

Mix Me Entertainment
A production company that specializes in custom sound design, demo packages for recording artist.

A&R Worldwide
Artist discovery and development services.
Build a band website with major label features.
A site for bands to find a record label that matches their needs and vice versa.
The primary source of employment for musicians nationwide, established over 30 years ago.

Music Business Solutions
Helping musicians, songwriters and industry careerists start and grow successful music businesses.
Get in touch with musicians who will want to play your type of music in your way at your level.

Affinity Music
Help for Undiscovered, Singers, Songwriters,and Bands. Get your recorded product heard.

Bob Baker’s The
Dedicated to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music.

Cleveland Music
Music consultants and offer advice to bands / musicians in obtaining deals gigs promotion.

Atlantic Videos
Professional music video producers charging realistic prices. Based in Cornwall but willing to travel.
The Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Successful Touring.
The oldest & largest online community of indie women musicians, supporting ALL music genres!
A trusted news and education resource for songwriters, song lyricists and music composers.

Blank DVD
The best in DVD media, DVD-r, DVD+r, dual layer, CDs , inkjet printable, DVD r dl, duplicators.

Pro Audio Equipment
The best prices on a wide range of pro audio equipment, professional music equipment.

Media Plant
A leading CDR/DVDR duplication and replication company based in Swindon, UK.

Audio Mastering
CD mastering, high-end gear, low-end pricing. We provide you with clear high-impact mastered sound.

Indie Resources
Dedicated to developing indie filmmakers, writers, musicians, actors, producers, and many other types of artists.
A downloadable sound effect, loop, and production music library for use in film, tv, and multimedia productions.

Free Sound Effects and Loops
Download free sound effects and music loops .wav files.

Audio Guide
Explore the world with a mp3 audio guide from AllAudioGuides.

Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles, California. Find a Guitar Teacher!
Find Guitar Teachers by location in Los Angeles.

Film Transfer
Professional digital photography services and digital film services by Digital Pickle. Reliable digital imaging service nationwide.

Foto Search
Foto Search allows users to search for thousands of royalty-free stock music tracks.

Modern Rock Magazine
Great site for rock news and info.

John J. Tormey III
A great Entertainment Lawyer and personal friend of mine in New York.

How to Play The Guitar
Get tips and lessons to learning the guitar with videos and tabs.